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About Us • ))

Finally a site for artists and record labels that are going for adds to submit their music directly to AM / FM radio stations around the world to get radio airplay. Get airplay direct from your computer.

Finally a site that makes life a little easier for radio stations that are looking for new music. All formats of music will be available for radio to receive. Digital music distribution, music promotion & record promotion to radio stations has been made much easier & quicker with Radio Submit. Music file formats presented to radio include 320bitrate MP3 plus FLAC and .WAV upon radio request.


Radio Submit is the perfect addition to your current radio promotion campaign. Let your record promoter know that Radio Submit is a wonderful tool that is availible now.


Radio Submit does not promise airplay. Any website that promises or guarantees your music will receive airplay on AM or FM radio stations before they have heard your music should be looked at very carefully. With Radio Submit only professional Music Directors and DJ's make the decision to download if they like what they hear. No truly professional music website can guarantee that any amount of radio stations will like all the music.


Why Mail It? You can simply upload your broadcast quality music to Radio Submit, or if necessary send Radio Submit your CD and we will upload it for you. Your music will be instantly accessible to thousands of radio stations throughout the world. Just call or email your station list and let them know your broadcast quality music is available on Radio Submit. Downloadable in 320 bitrate mp3 or FLAC and .WAV upon radio request.

We feature select artists each month on our front page for FREE. Radio airplay royalties are tracked and paid in the USA to labels, publishers and songwriters by BMI and ASCAP plus more. Several artists that have used Radio Submit have made the Billboard Music Charts and the Roots Music Report Music Charts

Why use Radio Submit?

  • Reduce postage expenses as well as helping to keep the planet green by not sending plastic CD's to radio.
  • Prevent scratched or damaged CDs
  • Cut CD manufacturing costs
  • A song or album can be pre-posted and then become available for download at the specified release date. And we provide the ability to limit downloading of singles or albums by country, individual states or by cities.
  • Track and view how many times a release has been downloaded and by which of our radio station users.
  • Load a One on One promotion video to introduce yourself to DJ's around the world.
  • Radio Submit is a terrific money saving tool to add to your current radio promotion campaign. The ultimate tool for independent music distribution & major label record promotion.

How It Works

Radio Stations, Why Download From Radio Submit?

  • 100% free for all radio stations
  • Listen to songs or view the One on One intro video before downloading as broadcast quality tracks for airing on your station
  • Find the albums or songs you never received in the mail.
  • Search for songs using: artist name, genre, song title, or record label
  • Eliminate the clutter in your studio.
  • Help to keep the planet green. Why require labels and artists to mail plastic CD's?

Only authorized radio stations will be permitted to download music from this site. They must obtain a highly secure password to download.


Artist and Labels may enter with a password and edit their own personal area (Promotional Web Site). The Promotional Web Site area allows artists to upload their music, videos and post promotional photos & information including: publishing, songwriting, production information, and CD numbers about their new releases.

Again, protects your valuable music assets by screening and verifying all radio member applicants, password protected downloads, limiting / monitoring # of downloads, and by utilizing our proprietary Federal III IP address recognition software.

All music genres (Rock, Country, Pop, Bluegrass, Rap, Gospel, Blues, Roots/Americana, Folk, Comedy, Hip Hop, Classical, Zydeco, Jazz. All Music Formats) can be posted and ready for radio stations to download.

We are currently issuing passwords to radio stations of all formats and from all countries to enter this site and download music. If you are a radio station and would like to use this free service, just Click Here or use our sign up button and we will verify your station and issue a secure password code.

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